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The Auto Limiter II overfill protection system is an automatic shut-off valve designed to be installed in the
4" riser pipe of underground storage tanks with tight fill adaptor to reduce the flow by 90% at first stage
(approximately 92% of tank capacity) and shut down the gravity flow at 95% of tank capacity. It is designed
to be installed in a spill containment manhole, which makes it unnecessary to break concrete or add a new
manhole. The anodized cast aluminum valve body and aluminum drop tubes make the Auto Limiter II
virtually maintenance free. The Drain Valve Isolation Kit(708-255-01)should be used in a retrofit upgrade
to comply with CARB EVR requirement.
1. Faster deliveries with less restriction
2. Can be set to 99% of tank capacity
3. Overfill protection at a field-set level
4. Two stage flow shut down provides reduced line shock compared to competitive models. First stage reduces flow by 90%, Second stage shuts off remaining 10%
5. Accommodates all tank sizes
6. Easy field installation without breaking concrete
7. Enables manual stick gauging of tank after a complete shut-off
Valve Body: Aluminum
Floats: Polyethylene
Upper & Lower Tube: Aluminum
First Stage Flapper: Zinc
Second Stage Flapper: Acetal
Guide Rod: Stainless Steel
Valve Body Length: 18" / 459mm
Upper Drop Tube Std.: 4" dia. x 60" long
(102mm x 1.5m)
Lower Drop Tube std.: 4" dia. x 96" long
(102mm x 2.4m)
Installer Note:
The Auto Limiter II is designed solely for use in Underground Storage Tanks. For gravity drops only.
No attempt should be made to utilize this product with Above Ground Storage Tanks. The Valve
would not function, which creates a very dangerous condition. This product is for use in tight fill
application only.

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